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Online Ordering Solution

Ecommerce for your clients
BCT has been an online source for corporations ordering business cards, Letterhead, envelopes, stamps .... and much more. In the last 20+ years, BCT has processed over 10,000,0000 orders for over 35,000 different clients.

> Private label website page - for you and your customer (no mention of BCT on the website)

> Real-time Proofing - Allows your customer to enforce their corporate identity.

> Sub-account Management - allows for control over which products and templates are available for ordering by different people in the organization.

> Automated approval process - Based on your requirements, our online solution has the ability to create an approval process. Sub-accounts allow you to assign purchase orders and cost centre information, edit orders and proof the item being ordered, giving you complete control of your stationery purchases.

> Drop Down Menus - can be provided for any field on the ordering site. This reduces the number of key strokes needed to place an order. Eg. address's, numbers etc.

> Order History - Complete 2 year history of all your stationery orders. You can search the database by product, date range, name, order number or keyword. This greatly simplifies the reorder process of a previously purchase item.

> Intranet and Internet site linking - Does your company already have an intranet or website: No problem. We can link to your website so that users feel they have never left your site when placing a stationery order. They immediately return to your intranet or website when the order is completed.

See the link below for a sampling of a basic stationery ordering site. Call us today for a free consultation regarding setting up your corporate accounts!